Golf Tips For The Summer!

The last few days have been very warm and if you’re planning to play golf, you should ensure you take care of yourself. Ranging from sunburn to overheating, you should make sure you dress and pack correctly for the day. You don’t want to become dehydrated, so it is important to have some water with you so you can keep your fluids up. You should also eat something to give you a slow release of energy, such as a banana or mixed bag of small snacks, such as raisins.


You should make sure you have the correct factor sun cream on, even if it seems cloudy. It will protect against skin damage, heat rash and sun burn. Wearing a hat will also protect your face from the sun, as well as protecting your eyes. Sunglasses can also be added to this, to keep your eyes from the glare. Having a small damp towel on hand is a good idea, to keep your face cool. On a particularly warm day, you could use a trolley to help carry your possessions, rather than carrying a heavy golf bag around.Call Meil Holman for Golf Coaching in Torbay.


A local Driving Range

If you’re a beginner, then using our golf range is beneficial in several ways. It can help to strengthen and improve your game, whilst finding out if golfing is your thing. However it is good just for having fun and participating, whilst meeting up with others for a chat and a nice cup of coffee. If you’re a new golfer, you’re just as welcome here than someone with with experience. As a new player you should try not to pick up any bad habits at this stage, as they are difficult to drop.


So if you are wanting to learn new techniques, book a professional lesson as your next step. However everyone plays golf for their own reasons and may be more than happy just to use the range. They could feel anxious at the thought of everyone watching them on the field, so opt to start out here first. They may not want to step out of their comfort area and want to just turn up for the golf experience, with the friendly participants and COVID secure outdoor spaces. We are the local Driving Range for Torquay, so call or just turn up, we are open 7 days, a week.

The Importance Of Getting Your Clubs Fitted

When it comes to golf, there is not just one sort of club. There is a large variety, such as wood, irons and drivers. Each have their own size and characteristic. The common feature is the ball and golf course, but the difference between the golfers are their size. Some may be tall, some may be shorter. Some may have a stronger physique, therefore giving them the advantage if everyone was to use the same sized club. Therefore to keep it fair, it is important to go for a fitting. Most golfers feel it is definitely worth it, as using an unfitted club can create problems, such as the length being too long for the club shaft, or too heavy to use properly. Using a fitter can resolve this problem.


Other sports quite often tweak styles and change around the tools they need for their benefit, such as different players and with how much power they can kick the ball. But as it is only you that you need to focus on, getting your golf club fitted means you can use the best of your ability. By using a club that isn’t fitted, you may play well but having your own personally fitted club means any new changes could be beneficial to you and your game. We are the certified Mizuno club fitting centre for Torbay, call today to arrange your personalised one to one free appointment.


The Benefits Of Foot Golf

Foot-golf is a fun activity but it can also be used as exercise. You can improve your skills whilst having an enjoyable time on the course, which is generally 2250 yards (18 holes). This will take around 2 hours to do, depending on the number of people playing and the time it takes you. If you’re looking at it as a form of exercise, then the number of steps you take will definitely be a benefit. However, it can also provide you with great aerobic exercise.


This sort of exercise is beneficial to your health, due to the effect on the body. For instance, your heart will beat quicker and your breathing will increase (though not out of breath) therefore enduring the exercise, improving blood flow in your muscles and oxygen in your blood. Having fun is a plus, so it will improve both your fitness and your mental health. It gives out endorphins, which will improve your mood and decrease stress.


There are more advantages to this activity, as it can help you lose weight, due to the calories you are likely burning off. It will also help to boost your fitness levels and improve stamina. Regular exercise can help with the immune system, as well as lowering the chance of heart disease and high blood pressure. It can also help to decrease bad cholesterol.


So, if you’re not a fan of the gym, then this could be a great alternative for you. You get to have fun with your friends and family whilst boosting your health. For foot golf in Torbay at an affordable price for all ages, give us a call.


Can The Weather Affect Your Golf Game?

Living in the UK, we are used to the random elements. Sometimes we get wet and windy weather, other times we get scorching sunshine. Although warm weather is welcomed, golfers soon realised that the heat can be a handicap, just like bad weather. When the sun is strong, you are at risk of getting burnt, being dehydrated, and sunstroke. This, along with exhaustion and loss of energy, can ruin your golf game. However, on a more positive note, warm, sunny weather can affect the ball for your advantage. When the temperature rises, the golf ball can fly further away as the air isn’t as heavy. The distance can also be affected by how the ground is, because if the weather is hot, the ground may be dry and harder, therefore the ball might roll away further than usual and our swing may feel better.


Unfortunately, we can’t always get the weather we want, so we need to adapt. If it is windy, for instance, a golfer will have to choose either a lower or higher club number. If it’s raining, most golfers will choose not to play, but if they are then they may find the wet weather causes troubles with their grip. The ball won’t go as far and the grass will get damp, potentially causing a slipping hazard for their shoes. The ball could also get trapped in the mud, causing issues. If the weather is cold, then you may find your muscles can get stiff, affecting your swing. This is particularly if you need layered winter clothes, something that could hinder your game. Overall, you can’t always judge how the weather will be, but you can adapt and be ready for the elements. For the best Golf coaching in Torquay and Paignton, call Neil Holman golf.


Important Psychological Skills For Golf

One important skill to have whilst preparing to play golf, is the ability to be able to focus on your game, and concentrate on what you’re doing, as this will improve performance. Focus is an important skill to have, as the more you have, the higher the advantage you will have against the competition.


Sometimes pressure can get to you, and make you anxious. This can make it difficult to focus, so if you’re not ready in the first place, it will limit you further. Therefore you need to be able to confirm what you wish to focus on, be it practising or strategies. The more you practice training, the less likely you are to get nervous under pressure. This will be helped more if you are aware of your surroundings and your thoughts haven’t drifted away. We can’t control our thoughts, so being self aware is important, so we can concentrate on what we are doing at the time.


Sometimes in order to improve our skills, we need to push ourselves out of the comfort zone. By keeping ourselves calm and our senses sharp, we will be at our best. However if you give in to nerves, you will find yourself struggling to swing the golf club properly and unable to concentrate.


Remember to be kind to yourself. Criticism can be harsh, which can cause you to give up even with potential. Having the confidence to keep going is important, as sometimes your biggest critic can be yourself. Optimism is a great characteristic to portray, as learning from any ups and downs will help push you to success on the field. For more help with visualisation and Golf coaching in Torbay, call Neil Holman today.


Playing Golf Can Benefit Your Health!

Golf is an outdoor sport that can get you in the sunshine, and absorbing vitamin D! Vitamin D can help to improve your health in various ways, (such as caring for your bones, and muscles) and being out in the fresh air can boost your mood.


People who are outdoors often, may find they are at less risk of long-term health problems, such as blood pressure, digestion problems, and obesity.


Golf can be a sport that is enjoyed alone if you wish, as well as in teams. When you play by yourself you don’t need to keep score, and can keep to your own pace. But if you enjoy a little competition, then a challenge with other players can be an exciting opportunity, as well as raising your confidence and self-esteem in a social sense.


Golf can be beneficial to your mental health too. A game can help to reduce stress, and release endorphins. It can also help teach precision, and improve your focus. Muscle memory will be improved, as well as your hand-eye coordination. So, as well as a health benefit, golf can also be great for strengthening your skills. To arrange your own Mizuno personalised golf fitting in Torquay, call Neil Holman golf today.

Bubba does it again

Bubba Watson claimed his second Masters Title in three years at Augusta, with an easy win after he let a three-shot overnight lead go. When Jordan Spieth holed out from the bunker at the front of the 4th green on Sunday afternoon, Watson trailed the 20-year-old by two, however Watson matched Spieth’s birdie two and moments later, the battle between the previous major winner and fresh-faced pretender had commenced. This match continued until the crucial period when Spieth stumbled from eight to five under from the 8th tee to the 12th green, when Spieth left his tee shot at the 12th short and in Rae’s Creek, Watson had reclaimed the initiative Watson sat at seven under by the end of the same stretch, which he added to with a birdie on a 13th hole where a combination of power and skill. By the end Watson confirmed his total of 280, which was eight under par and three better than both Spieth and Sweden’s Jonas Blixt. A three-stroke lead on the 72nd tee was comfortable enough, even for this jittery and emotional character. Watson still took three-wood, just to be safe.